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Windows Phone

The back button in Windows Phone

Here we are again, chugging along in Windows Development land.

I got an email from Microsoft earlier this week telling me that even though my app had been certified I would have to fix an issue with it not exiting via the back button from the start page. So I thought hard and tested a bit and couldn’t figure it out. Eventually I realised that it was on first installation: The app forces the user to login to Facebook. Thinking about this I decided to implement a start page where the user can choose a league as they are added and decide whether or not to login to Facebook. Not an easy decision as I saw the app as a mainly Facebook post scores app, but after talking it through with other devs, it seemed like a better idea to give the user the choice.

So next week I will submit the new, more user-friendly app that doesn’t require Facebook login, but has a friendly reminder to login if you wish to post. The Serie A Italian league will also be added and if I get the time, manual and/or auto refresh of the live scores.

Enjoying reading the emails. Thanks for the input and good to see so many of you downloading and using the app. Hope you are having fun with Facebook and LiveFootie!

Get the app here: LiveFootie

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I am a Dad of 4! Husband of 1! Ex-husband of 1! Developer of Windows Phone apps!


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