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LiveFootie now with scores from Italian Serie A

At long last version 1.2 is live on the marketplace (11 hours after the certification email). I was getting worried there for a minute. I submitted the update Tuesday evening and it was certified Friday evening very late. I think I will be changing my submit day to Monday from now. Just to make sure it makes it for the weekend in time for the matches.

After fixing the back button issue I blogged about last Friday it was on to new updates. The logical progression is so far to add new leagues. So now you can see live scores from Italian Serie A and post the latest goal to Facebook. (update: if you can’t post to Facebook after updating, try uninstalling and install again.)

Other improvements are refresh on each league page. (update: the refresh is not working. I will fix it and a submit an update on Monday) The Facebook login is now optional on the league overview page.

It is great to see the app being used by so many around the world. I have many new ideas and features to come over the comming weeks.

Feel free to drop me a comment or an email if you have any requests or bugs.

Stay tuned for more improvements. Coming soon: new languages.

Get LiveFootie here:

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