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Live Footie meets ASP.NET Web API

Here we go again for another status update Friday.

I have been working on moving the logic from the Windows Phone app and put it in a service that I host so that I have more control over it and if I find any issues then I can fix them without having to submit an update to the App Hub and also for caching of results when there are loads of users using it. So not so much new functionality, but some necessary reorganising of the code.

I initially had implemented a WCF service to return the next fixture for a specific league when there were no matches on a specific day which worked well, but it seemed way to difficult to simply add a new method to return the Match items for live matches. So I though I would throw myself over ASP.NET Web API as a colleague of mine had been going on about how great it was!

In virtually no time I had replicated the get next fixture method and web deployed it to my super hosting company UnoEuro.com where it just worked. You can see the dummy landing page here: http://webapi.apps47.com

Other stuff I am working on is colour coding for matches, so you can easily see when a game is finished by the colour of the heading. Another minor thing that I have taken as positive input from you is the main landing league menu, which now is a standalone page, which means when you press back from a league page you get to the menu instead of exiting the app. A bit better user experience goes a long way. I will also in the near future be moving the About & Settings pages out of the league Pivot to keep the leagues for themselves.

Catch you in footie-land.

As always you can grab the current version of LiveFootie here:

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