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ViewSource, Windows Phone

ViewSource updated to version 1.1

Here we are again. Slow startup after the Easter holidays.

I managed to get an update out yesterday on the Marketplace for ViewSource which added history of the last 20 sites visited.

I still need to do a bit of work on it. Apparently it’s not good enough for you just to see the first few hundred lines. So I will get on that right away.

I feel like I am in a drought period programming-wise. But I would really love to get back into the flow of developing on LiveFootie again with all the great ideas I have on a way too long list. Maybe that is the issue. I need to have a sprint planning meeting with myself and break down the tasks and then get me to prioritise the list! Go SCRUM or Kanban…. Need some structure.

Then I will need to get my kids animal app wrapped up soon too. I keep adding and adding new stuff I want to try out and of course it has to be slightly better than what is already there on the Marketplace.

And when all that is done I need to plan my next projects and a realistic plan for support and fixes and updates to the existing apps. All good fun, but feeling a bit more like work…

Have fun and happy coding!

About markoo

I am a Dad of 4! Husband of 1! Ex-husband of 1! Developer of Windows Phone apps!


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