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Failure is the way to success from a developer

Back again so soon.

Still a bit stunned today after the failed certification yesterday. I was not expecting that and can’t think at the moment what to do. I have previously ignored the error report as I was developing other stuff and submitted those fixes with a comment, and magically it passed.

This time, however I will have to take a deeper look into section 5.1.4 and generally App stability. It seems although I had all my safety data plan saving precautions in place I missed something. It maybe simply be a matter of debugging with 256 k emulator and a bit of deep thinking. After taking a look and getting my Windows Phone dev environment up and running on Windows 8 Release Preview I could still see no issues, but I did have a few strange issues, that I am sure weren’t there before!

  • The panorama background reference went to “content;blabla”, which I simply removed.
  • Xna reference again, which was easily solved by installing Windows Game Client before the SDK.

So with that done, I carried on fixing up my web-api code to deliver my live results, which was easy enough as the feed is basically the same as the one I have been using for the LiveFootie app and Champions League Final app. Just as I was getting ready for bed I thought I would quickly throw it up on my hosting site, but no way! There were a few things wrong here.

  • Dual Home Method references: shouldn’t have deployed on top of the old version!
  • Reference to newer mvc dlls: I reverted to .NET 4.0 in the project.
  • Internal Server Error on ApiController calls: still working on this… 

Maybe it will be a more thorough rewrite. But the moral of this allbeit slightly tragic story is:
“Remember to test in production too!” and
“Bleeding edge development hurts!” and
” I should have known better!”

Thankfully with these lessons learned future development will be improved and accelerated.

And for my Danish readers. There is currently a promotion for app developers. If you submit and get certified 3 apps to the Danish Marketplace before 1st July you could get a brand spanking new Nokia Lumia!

Stay tuned.

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I am a Dad of 4! Husband of 1! Ex-husband of 1! Developer of Windows Phone apps!


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