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Reusing app ideas and data sources

Don’t you just hate it when you had this great idea and then out of your brain never to be seen again? Well that’s where I am now. Had a great idea yesterday for a blogpost, but now it’s gone.

So I apologise for the meaningless waffle today and hope you get the main idea if you can find it! So yesterday I got the email that my latest app: UEFA Euro 2012 eventually got certified after a confusing fail and it’s live on the marketplace.

As I mentioned last week I was contemplating just resubmitting without any changes, but as it turned out I had to do a bit just to get it running as I mentioned. But after fixing up the webservice I use it seems that the app got certified even though I had exceptions to using that until the tournament started. Confusing, but that’s development I have learned through my allbeit short career of a little over a decade. Things aren’t always straighforward or reproducible!

What do I actually want to say today! Well this is it: get a good idea and a decent source of free or cheap data and work it. Try out as many different solutions with the data you have and find out what works for your users. Seems simple and it may be tough to leave your first “baby” app and move on. This is pretty much where I am now. I really wanted my Live Footie app to be the hit, because I thought it was a great idea with Facebook integration, but apparently that ain’t what the users wanted. So after painfully admitting this I used the same feed provider that gave me those results and threw together a fairly simple app for the Champions League Final and in 1 day got the same amount of downloads that I had on Live Footie after 3 months! Unfortunately it was all over in 1 day, but still the confidence boost I needed.

So now development is pretty much stalled over the Summer on Live Footie and focus is on new ideas and modifications to existing apps.

So looking forward now to see what happens with this. I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Hope to share them with you soon.

Catch you next week!

Happy coding.


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I am a Dad of 4! Husband of 1! Ex-husband of 1! Developer of Windows Phone apps!


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