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I really need to do something else

Here I am another Friday and time for my Friday ritual of bloging about my app dev week. It’s been a totally monitoring week with the occasional quick fix. It’s been a tough week otherwise around the house. So focus has been on relaxing a bit and waiting for the first statistics to trickle through after UEFA Euro 2012 passed cerification and Things are looking good. First day downloads hit 200, which is a first day personal record. So I am on top of the moon and the second day was pretty much the same. So a good start to the weekend. The ad revenues are also trickling in allbeit at an extremely slow rate, but I have a plan for next time with a unified solution to spread my bets.

A bit of the week went with the Microsoft announcements. Firstly the Surface announcement, which I personally think looks fantastic and is way more useful to me than an iPad. But I am guessing the iPad lovers out there wont be leaving their prison-Pads any time soon.

The other biggy this week was the start of the Windows Phone Summit with the eagerly awaited Apollo or Windows Phone 8, which was pretty much as expected with higher resolutions and support for multiple core processors. The biggest surprise I guess was the fact that existing Windows Phone owners will not be getting the full version 8, but a minimal version 7.8, which may make sense, but is still frustrating to live with. All in all worth putting off my imminent phone purchase for. Unless of course the Lumia 900 prices fall through the floor.

So as you can see dev time has been on Summer/conference break this week and will probably be for the rest of the Euro 2012 as I will be monitoring Things and complaining to my feed provider when he doesn’t deliver! Which unfortunately happened yesterday during the Portugal game against the Czech Republic. Good job I had my webservice ready to take manual inputs until the feed updated.

I think I will be using some time over the Summer to give my website some attention and some Umbraco love as I am using quite a bit of time getting into this CMS at work and loving it!


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I am a Dad of 4! Husband of 1! Ex-husband of 1! Developer of Windows Phone apps!


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