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Umbraco noob gets stuck in

Here we are another Friday. Windows Phone development is on holiday for the moment as I get immersed into Umbraco at work and here at Apps47!

So that’s what this week has been about. Learning on the job and using that knowledge to build http://www.apps47.com and learn even more to be able to get along quicker with the stuff at work, which has been a winning combination.

A few winning setup fixes:

  • remember to unblock the zip file if you download that and not from webmatrix etc.
  • the ApplicationPoolIdentity is a bit of a f***ker on Windows Server 2008 R2, easier just to give permissions to Network Service
  • if you did go for the nightly build and want to just quickly install using SQL CE, get the files from the web deploy package on Codeplex
  • webmatrix & web deploy is a winning solution if you have the opportunity, which I do with apps47.com
  • packaging the site from dev to test is a doable solution, but it seems a bit wonky. So remember to republish stuff that gets installed and a couple of refreshes may be in order

So with that in place it was of to the document types and get me some content to display. It’s pretty basic once you get your head around the one document type to rule a template to dominate your fields and a razor macro thrown in here and there!

Once I had a few layers of pages I got a simple razor script to show some navigation:

<div class="topNav">
   @foreach(var page in @Model.AncestorOrSelf(1).Children.Where("Visible")){
      <a href="@page.Url">@page.Name</a>

Next was time for a footer. Again pretty easy and much more intelligent than I first realised. Add a field: footer to a document type and then add this field to your top level template making sure to check the magic box: Recursive. This might seem like it makes sense, but this doesn’t just make sure you have a global footer that is inherited once to the children, but if you overwrite it there it is carried further down to their children. Might not be what you want in every situation, but that was exactly what I needed!
Then there are the packages that I expect us to be using. Good stuff, but not enough space or time here to write about them. Maybe in another blogpost.
Catch you next week, maybe, from the Summer house down south…
Happy coding!


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I am a Dad of 4! Husband of 1! Ex-husband of 1! Developer of Windows Phone apps!


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