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I’m back… What I’ve been up to the past year.

I am back again. Stay tuned for weekly updates (Fridays) from my windows phone development and general web dev.

The blogging got stuck during Summer ’12, but there has been some development on porting stuff.

January 2013: First I had a stab at BB10, after the hype, but it took so long to get the development environment up and running that I lost steam and then my erratic sleep cycle hit me like a freight train.

April 2013: So in between minor fixes and implementing a few mores leagues to the Windows phone app I had another look at Android development. This was a far nicer installation process than earlier where it took me over 8 hours. This time it took a couple of clicks and then wait for the install to finish. Virtually no configuration and I got quickly along with a basic frame for the Live Footie app with data coming into the app, but it needs some major design work and tweaking of syncing the data on the different pages.

Summer 2013:
The downloads of Champions League Final have blown me away and continued through the Summer amazingly enough. Even the ad revenue has been decent for out of season. I am planning more improvements before the group stage start in September. An overview of the groups. Any wishes, drop me a comment.

August 2013: Time to get back in control of development and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Total downloads of all apps hit 24.000 this month! Thanks for downloading. Amazing that an app I threw together in a couple of days for a single match 15 months ago has evolved into much more.

EcPM  after the season start has been crazy compared to before the Summer. It is still mostly low under 1 DKK (0.18 USD), but has peaked so far at 74.82 DKK (13.40 USD). So it seems as though things are looking up in the pubcenter! Just to give you an idea: my average eCPM per week seems to be up since the start of the year even though not as impressive as the peaks per country:


Last note:
Any designers out there fancy giving me some good advice on my apps. I would love to hear from you.

See you next week


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I am a Dad of 4! Husband of 1! Ex-husband of 1! Developer of Windows Phone apps!


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