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Update to Live Footie app

After seeing some good data from the ad update I made to my Champions League Final app. It was time to implement this into my Live Footie app too and clean up the implementation to only have a single ad control instead of one of every single pivot item. And push the update that had … Continue reading

Update to Champions League Final

Monday morning I woke up to an update on my Windows Phone. Not an unusual circumstance, but the update this morning was my own Champions League Final app. Cool I thought, but where is the email telling me it passed? Gone? Or have they stopped sending them? So the hunt started… Checked my Hotmail junk: … Continue reading

Make sure stuff is working

And we’re off! I was quite proud of being able to incorporate my Raspberry Pi into my app, even if it was only to ping my service and populate the database. I thought it was cool, but it also gave me sleepless nights being the weakest link as the power button is in the living … Continue reading

I’m back… What I’ve been up to the past year.

I am back again. Stay tuned for weekly updates (Fridays) from my windows phone development and general web dev. The blogging got stuck during Summer ’12, but there has been some development on porting stuff. January 2013: First I had a stab at BB10, after the hype, but it took so long to get the … Continue reading

I’m on a boat!

It’s holiday time and far from a decent connection. But on the ferry today for a shirt shopping trip with my daughter to Puttgarden. So development has been on hold, gearing up for the pre-footie season. Time to give Live Footie a redesign and add a few more leagues and features. But more about that … Continue reading

Umbraco noob gets stuck in

Here we are another Friday. Windows Phone development is on holiday for the moment as I get immersed into Umbraco at work and here at Apps47! So that’s what this week has been about. Learning on the job and using that knowledge to build http://www.apps47.com and learn even more to be able to get along … Continue reading

Sick placeholder blog

It had to happen. A whole week of sickness, so nothing going on here, but dreaming of projects, which I suppose we all need now and again. So in a funny way it has been a productive week even though a single line of code hasn’t been written. I did have an interesting mail today … Continue reading

I really need to do something else

Here I am another Friday and time for my Friday ritual of bloging about my app dev week. It’s been a totally monitoring week with the occasional quick fix. It’s been a tough week otherwise around the house. So focus has been on relaxing a bit and waiting for the first statistics to trickle through … Continue reading

Reusing app ideas and data sources

Don’t you just hate it when you had this great idea and then out of your brain never to be seen again? Well that’s where I am now. Had a great idea yesterday for a blogpost, but now it’s gone. So I apologise for the meaningless waffle today and hope you get the main idea … Continue reading


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