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Failure is the way to success from a developer

Back again so soon. Still a bit stunned today after the failed certification yesterday. I was not expecting that and can’t think at the moment what to do. I have previously ignored the error report as I was developing other stuff and submitted those fixes with a comment, and magically it passed. This time, however … Continue reading

Hey app, stop using my data plan!

Here we are again another Friday and the development train is rolling again on a new project. So I managed to wrap up my latest app: UEFA EURO 2012, which got submitted through AppHub a couple of nights ago after using too much time playing around with graphics and stuff that I never ended up … Continue reading

Control, control, control (of data of course…)

So the Champions League Final is over now and it was a disastrous success if I do say so myself. Luckily I was sitting with my nose deep in Visual Studio almost expecting something to go wrong and rightly enough as soon as the clocked turned 20:45 and game started the feed flowed through my … Continue reading

The beauty of being in control of your app data

Here we are a week after the frustrations of bugfixing and recertifying the “Champions League Final” app to the AppHub are Water under the bridge. It’s almost like a sort of a final for me. My app will only be relevant for one day and even though I have tested and tested with live match … Continue reading

Update frustrations in AppHub certification land

Here we are, another Friday and focus on the Champions league final has been on the table this week. My latest app “Champions League Final” entered the marketplace Wednesday and the downloads are going well as far as Google Analytics tells me. But during certification process I realised a bug in the app that I … Continue reading

Great prayer day and time for a Gmail miracle

Another Friday and this one is a national Holiday here in Denmark. So I am at home with the family, but still have a few minutes I can steal away for a quick blog post. After writing my mail address in my last post I went to my hosting Company just to check up on … Continue reading

The ups and downs of development

You know those times when your inspiration just flies out the window. Well this week has been one of those weeks. Getting bogged down with day to day maintenance at home and barely scraping by at work, sleeping badly and being woken up multiple times a night by my daughter. It has been time for … Continue reading

ViewSource now version 1.2 plus other updates

Here we are Friday and a couple of minor updates submitted to the marketplace. Firstly ViewSource version 1.2 was certified after just 3 days (not live yet). Adding the possibility to view full source of webpages. I figured out to use a ListBox from Telerik instead of a TextBox which is limitted in size, which … Continue reading

ViewSource updated to version 1.1

Here we are again. Slow startup after the Easter holidays. I managed to get an update out yesterday on the Marketplace for ViewSource which added history of the last 20 sites visited. I still need to do a bit of work on it. Apparently it’s not good enough for you just to see the first … Continue reading

Easter Friday and app number 3 animal sounds

It’s been my long awaited Easter holiday. So not much going on. I did spend a bit of time drafting design ideas for the website, which is running Umbraco 5: apps47.com I did manage to get going on my 3rd app, which is a kids animal sounds game. I know there are a few out there … Continue reading


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